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Complete Window Covering Installation in Boston, MA

Having the right window treatments in your home or office can make a big difference in creating the desired atmosphere. Blinds and drapes can elevate an ordinary room into a luxurious space, provide shade, or deliver the privacy many crave. We are ready to provide complete window covering installation in Boston, MA, when you choose the team at BLINDS R’ US. Our experienced installers provide services to clients from our shop in Medford to a 60-mile radius around the area.

Not only do shades add the perfect finishing touch to a room, but they can also help you keep household energy costs in check. Cellular shades help keep the heat out on blistering hot summer days, so your air conditioner is not working overtime. In the winter, they work to keep those cold north winds at bay in Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston. In either case, you’re not forced to pay extra to maintain a comfortable temperature at your property.

When decorating your living space, we can help you find the right condo window coverings, whether you’re considering Roman shades, wood blinds, or roller blinds. Many choices are available, and we’ll work with you to select those that complement your style and décor. Once you choose, we will handle the installation promptly and professionally.

What Makes Our Solar Products Different?

Most window treatments block sunlight to some degree, so you may wonder what is so different about solar blinds and solar shades. The difference lies in how they block the sun. Other treatments typically block the sun entirely, so they help keep the room’s temperature under control, but they also eliminate the view and the natural light, resulting in dark rooms.

Solar blinds and shades, however, are designed to allow some natural light still inside while blocking the UV rays that can damage your floors and furniture. You can easily adjust them to enjoy as much of a view or as much privacy as you desire at any given moment. In short, they offer the beauty of natural light without the disadvantages of full sun or complete blocking.

Installation Made Easy

Free installation is available by purchasing any of our solar shades or blinds. Our skilled staff will ensure your new window treatments are installed correctly for maximum function, lifetime, and aesthetics. You won’t need to do a single thing; we’ll handle it all for you to enjoy your new blinds or shades in no time. Contact us today to discuss your goals, explore your window treatment options, and schedule an installation.